Back in the Saddle!

Haven’t been really in the mood to sew – in late January we had to make the awful decision to put my best buddy, Cosmo, to sleep. He had cancer.  After 12 years of him constantly being around, it’s hard to just have nothing.  It still tugs at my heart to pull into my parking space and not see his face in the window; but I know he is still watching for me and I’ll get to see him again.

And of course there is nothing like depression to totally shatter New Year’s resolutions!  I caught myself before I went completely bonkers buying fabric and most of it IS for projects….=:0  Damn Missouri Star Quilt Company and Fat Quarter Shop’s great sales!

I am participating in 2 Blocks of the Month clubs….finally got one caught up…the Sugar Block Club by Amy Gibson over at Stitchery Dickory Dock.  She is totally my shero and I’m a groupie!  If you haven’t heard of Amy check out her free Block of the Month on Craftsy.  She is pretty much the reason I’ve tried to give quilting a try again to be quite honest.

Here are my January, February and March blocks:

Sugar Block ClubMarch Sugar BlockFeb Sugar BlockJan Sugar Block

Part of the reason I always gave up on quilting is – and I fully admit it – I’m a perfectionist and it makes me NUTSO when the block is too big or too small or I see in the instructions your points will be perfect and center and mine are sooooooooo not.  I’m trying to relax and it helps to remember there aren’t any Quilting Police – at least I hope not!

Have a super day!


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