Late Christmas!

Don’t you just LOVE when you come home to boxes?!  I was able to do that 2 days in a row – WOOT WOO!  Now, before I get lots of comments, everything was bought prior to my goals being set so these don’t count.

This is going to be hard to type because I used to shop at this store when it was a small fabric store and the person cutting the fabric really wanted to know about the project you were working on and offered suggestions to help not to get more of your money.  But I just can’t stand shopping at Joann’s any more.  I’m less than 10 minutes from a Super Joann’s and every time I’ve walked out I’ve come home and made the love of my lives promise they wouldn’t let me step into that store again.  I’m a tactical person so I use to love going in and touching the bolts while dreaming of what I could sew but the fabric now is just so awful I don’t wanna touch it.  Except the minkie…how can you not want to rub your check on the beautiful soft fabric?  Sadly Joann’s is now just a place I go run to get a notion or thread.

BUT luckily there are some super online options that have filled in.  I know there are a ton out there but the 3 I seem to go back to time and time again are, Missouri Star Quilt Company and Fat Quarter Shop. is my go to shop for apparel fabric – they just have an awesome selection of just about everything at prices that you can’t beat.  There customer service has always been top notch – one time they sent me the wrong fabric and I called and without any hassle they sent me the right fabric and told me to just keep the wrong one!  Who does that???

I stumbled across Missouri Star Quilt Company from YouTube of all places.  Jenny does these AWESOME tutorials that have helped me while I get more into quilting.  She is a complete inspiration!  From what I can tell the whole family works and you can just tell from their tutorials, blog and pictures that they just all love the store.  This is what one of my boxes had for me:

MSQC Dec 2012 Order

Who gets personalized thank you notes on their orders any more??


The christmas fabric is for a secret project for my nephews and nieces.  The other charms packs will be throw into a couple of the Block of  Months I’m doing.  More on that tomorrow.






The other box was from Fat Quarter Shop that I found through (I’m a Amy Gibson groupie!)  Going on that website is almost overwhelming because they have SOOOO many great bundles so I do it in little doses…but this is my third order from them and I am just so impressed with how the order ships that I definitely will be a long time customer.   I got some background fabric for the secret project and Snoopy fabric for my babe…who even at 43 just melts when he sees anything Charlie Brown related…

FQS Dec 2012 Order


Hope you have a super Saturday!  Off to sew and watch some football.



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