Happy New Year!

Welcome!  The very last day of 2012…can’t say it feels any different than the last 364 days really but it’s an exciting day in that this is my very first blog post!  Woot woo!  I’ve jumped smack dab into the 21st Century.  It’s the 21st Century right?

Honestly, I’ve thought about starting a blog for a little bit but always stopped because in reality who wants to read about me?  I don’t do anything super special except try to do the best I can every day.  Sometimes it works, lots of times it does nothing more than add more grey hair.  BUT, the turning point was that I really wanted to get back into journalling AND I had a couple of resolutions/promises/goals I wanted to achieve in 2013 and supposedly the first step to achieving them is to write them down sooooo without further ado here are those resolutions/promises/goals for 2013:

  • No new fabric will be bought UNLESS it’s to finish a project: such as backing for a quilt and/or lining for a garment.  (I know, I know, I hear the shrieks of horror…trust me mine is in there as well)!
  • No new yarn will be bought.
  • Watch/finish current Craftsy classes before buying new ones.
  • Participate in two Blocks of the Month programs.

I can blame the first two squarely on A&E continuous marathon of Hoarders!  Just kidding…kinda…but I do watch those shows and then glance over at the tubs of fabric and yarn and start to wonder if I’m becoming one!

I think the bigger part of it, when I told the love of my life my resolutions he laughed and proceed to look over at my sewing desk and tubs of yarn and fabric and nicely said “Oh, ok….”  so now I HAVE to do it just to prove him wrong!

Hope everyone has a super New’s Years Eve – stay safe and please don’t drive home if you’ve been drinking!



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